I would like everyone who reads my work to learn how to see through manipulation.

Whenever someone attempts to manipulate me (they usually try guilting me first), it shows me the Truth beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m pretty good at feeling intentions lately. The source of manipulation is almost never a surprise - just more validation.


The preferred tools of a manipulator are: fear, obligation and guilt. If anyone tries to play on these three things, identify it and you’ll be most of the way free from manipulators.


I do often recommend that those wearing masks would be wise to stay away from this project. This project rips masks off. I learned this early on. I was guided to start this project and I’m only fulfilling the Will of Greater Forces who have had it with the monstrousness They are seeing. 


Nothing is hidden. All is seen. There are no Divine loopholes. One way or another Divine Justice is coming. My advice to all is Repent and align with God. We are equipped with the machinery to connect to the Most High. Ask God for help. See what happens.