The “love story” of the supposed French leader is really creepy.

Yesterday, we posted from an anonymous whistleblower who said that the “Illuminati” have hugely infiltrated “education”.


That’s where the children are. According to this witness, members of this cult seek constant access to new children.


Now today, I’m learning that Emmanuel Macron was the high school age lover of his 25 year older teacher


Apparently the media is generally very supportive and gushy over this story. 


I’m posting this to suggest that there IS a degenerate cult in charge of the mass media who is deliberately seeking to corrupt the masses. My goal here is to show enough congruent facts to make this case beyond a reasonable doubt.


The facts indicate that the cult running most mass media uses sex to transform otherwise decent people into degenerates on purpose.


I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that the internet just so happens to also be an ocean of really filthy mostly free of charge pornography. 


A gematria YouTuber decoded the numbers behind this stripper type as reading “holy shit”. 

Here in this screenshot below is this relationship being sold as an adorable love story. Please note arm length and Mr. Macron’s knees. Mr. Macron appears to be covered in a kind of cute subcutaneous layer of fat and the missus does not. I don’t know what’s going on with these two but it really does make me wonder to what degree public figure characters are social engineering.



Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were a creepy theatrical couple pushed in the media as “refreshing” like this too. We even found a video of Demi Moore making out with a child.


This is an obvious pattern of behavior. The statutory rape story of Kay LeTourneau and her former student has also been portrayed as a “love story” extensively in the media as well.

Mrs. Macron was Mr. Macron’s ACTING teacher - according to the narrative. All over mass media we see strange looking individuals with theatrical backgrounds. 


The whistleblower posted yesterday indicated that the young of this cult are designated into the areas where their talents lie. Is there a theatrical component to this cult set up to model abhorrent behavior for the rest of us?


Below you can see an image from the statutory rape phase of this model media couple. 


Something seems to be poking out of that dress in an odd spot. 


This guy with the flat up and down forehead occupies a position once held by Napoleon. Napoleon said if they couldn’t unite, France would be lost. Napoleon was frequently prophetic. 


Millions of women look in their mirrors at home and wonder why they’re “so fat” compared to what they see in the media. I thought my totally normal female hips were grotesque and malformed from media brainwashing.