Since all of “culture” was lying to me about Napoleon, what else are they lying about?

When I learned in the 90s that Napoleon was an ingenious romantic hero, I realized that the media in which I had been ensconced had been lying to me.


Since they were lying to me about something as tremendous as the greatest revolutionary leader of all time, they must have been lying to me about other things as well.


This project is the effort to unearth those lies. 


Why did they lie to us about Napoleon? 


These are the words of Napoleon that made me realize that he was a talent on par with the greatest minds who have ever lived. 

(I’m writing this from memory.)

”Not a day goes by without my loving you. 

“Not a night goes by without holding you in my arms. I curse the call to glory and ambition which wrench me from the soul of my life! If I fly from you with the speed of the River Rhône it is only to be again with you sooner . . .”


This screenshot below are the words of Caulaincourt on Napoleon. 

(Please enjoy Caulaincourt’s Memoirs of Napoleon below.)