According to the press (generally) Obama could do no wrong and Trump can do no right.

Yet to me they both look like puppets to the same exact warmonger bankers.


If the controlled media is the biggest weapon the bankers have to poison our minds, what will they have left once it’s no longer trusted?


I was at the mechanic, in the office where CNN was on. An older guy was there. Donald Trump was saying some fake garbage (in my opinion) and there were all these creepy looking henchman standing behind him. 


I was kind of flipping out because BS really triggers me. 


I told the man there exactly what I thought  - that CNN is a bunch of lying liars.


He responded with some regurgitated stuff that CNN told him how Canadian farmers were doing the right thing standing up to Trump etc.


I told that guy he can’t believe what they’re saying. 


When I left, that man asked for my card because he said he wants to know my name in case I run for office - he’d vote for me. 


Their power is slipping. 


True story.