I keep hearing a sneaky group has infiltrated the Vatican.

Is that why we’re always hearing that there is rampant child rape going on with that crowd? Are they trying to make Christians look like abusive degenerates?


If the Catholic Church aids and abets child rape, then they are not of God. Then what group is controlling them? Who chose that snake church with the atomic explosion art in it?



Supposedly the push to foment World War III, involves making Christians look like degenerates. 


I heard the information below may or may not be authentic but I’m seeing this happen at the present time. 


The Pope speaks from the mouth of the snake. 


Inside the mouth of the snake Jesus is getting blown up? 


I have to always say that I know many regular Catholics have nothing to do with what might be happening at the highest echelons of this organization. I often suspect the population of the lower levels of infiltrated institutions are not in-the-know and this is part of how they serve as an effective cover for dark occultists at the top. This is merely an opinion.