Is google really evil?

This a list of assaults on freedom said to be occurring related to google.


Julian Assange accused google of working with the Hillary Campaign, Turns Out Their CEO Absolutely Does.


Google officially endorses the Trans Pacific Partnership, right after being outed for manipulating search results in favor of Hillary Clinton.


Weird Auto Complete.


"Don't Be Evil" google admits collaboration with illegal US drone murder program.


Remember when people said they made a purchase and then suddenly saw ads for that product on their device? Turns out Mastercard and google have had a secret deal to share debit and credit card purchases.


In a letter to CEO, 1000s of google employees revolted against the Military Drone Project.


On Reddit alone, 30 infiltrators have been identified including a current google and CBS employee with connections to Media Matters and the ACLU as being behind the BanOut 2018 censorship campaign.


Has anyone else noticed that google search has gotten worse?


Google admits changing phone settings remotely.


InfoWars has been entirely banned by Apple, FaceBook, and now YouTube in less than 24 hours.


I uninstalled Facebook a week ago from my phone. Now 75% of my Youtube ads are from Facebook.


Google’s secret prototype search engine for China reportedly links users’ mobile phone numbers to what search terms they’ve used. This feature would allow the Chinese government to associate searches with individuals, thereby putting Chinese citizens at increased risk of government repression.


Google refuses to show this subreddit when you type in: conspiracy reddit.


How about a refreshing, lighthearted popculture conspiracy theory? Disney only created Frozen to push out google search results about Walt Disney being frozen.


Yes, Amazon (and Facebook and google) are listening to your private conversations (and probably using the camera and other sensors, too)


Strange, with all of the recent news of Facebook and google tracking everything about everyone, Cardi B (mainstream rapper) releases a new album called "Invasion of Privacy." Seems it's a way of messing with search results. eg: Katy Perry's album, PRISM


Media has been 100% United to Deflect the CHILD SEX CAMP discovered. Google as usual is seen as playing it's part in the COVER UP.


On Friday, the nation turned a blind eye to google’s meeting with congress. That sort of coverage doesn’t bring in ratings. But it impacts the entire world.


Google Caught Red-Handed Censoring Search Results Asking Questions About Parkland Shooting.


Reminder: It's been 3 months since the repeal of Net Neutrality and ISPs haven't done a single thing - meanwhile tech giants google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have unjustly censored, banned, demonetized, AND HAVE ADMITTED TO DOING SO.


This is what we are up against! Google employee explains what they are doing to twitter(posted on anon).


Google confirms it's letting third parties scan your Gmail.


Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for 'Safety And Civility', calls free speech "Utopian" and proposes a new internet of "Good Censorship", mostly by silencing Populists, Nationalists and anything considered to be a 'Conspiracy Theory'.


Just found this old paste bin. Remember when everyone wanted ole Youtube to tell them why there video was demonetized? Who knows if this is an actual google employee, but due to the date it was posted, I think it's a plausible conspiracy to entertain.


Thank you to meltingspark on Reddit for compiling this list:




The establishment is doing everything they can to provoke us. This narcissistic abuse is on a global scale. When presented with such abuse, we are offered successive lose-lose scenarios. Despite this, THERE ARE WINNING MOVES.


Winning moves require the acquisition of skill and discipline. It is time to learn to become stronger. 


Liars are weak. That’s why they lie.