The 911 CGI planes.

There’s a lot disinformation around this topic. My hope is that the reader will further investigate for themselves.  


Despite all the time I’ve put into learning about 911, I’ve never seen footage of a plane going into those buildings that looked even close to real.


That means whoever was behind the attacks had to have had a very sophisticated ability to manipulate the world media on several levels at the same time.


Yet the script on 911 was fumbled when the BBC reported on the destruction of Building 7 (the Solomon Brothers Building) before it collapsed or was even hit by anything.

The mainstream media are lying a lot of the time.  Congruent stories are the ones to believe. If a story doesn’t make sense, it’s not True.


The congruent story here is that a not so secret destructive group holds the reigns to the architecture of our world. They use this control to start and perpetuate wars which deepen their efforts at fully enslaving the rest of us. This is truly a war between good and evil.


If anyone points to the existence of this group, that person is called crazy. Crazy is not recognizing the existence of this group. Crazy are the ones who are deliberately setting out to harm the rest of us.


Gaslighting isn’t going to work over here.


The more they gaslight us, the more we are motivated to defend our positions with the copious data that supports our assertions. I don’t claim everything I present is accurate. I can’t know for sure if every piece is accurate but I ask you to consider the PREPONDERANCE of the evidence. Convince yourself of the Truth with your own explorations.