Narcissistic family rules for children.

This video has a bit of rambling but children of narcissists are taught things that destroy their future lives.


Having grown up with narcissistic parents, I initially learned everything backwards. I eventually realized if I did the opposite of what my parents would do that I’d be very wise to do so.


I summarized the video below by writing the following: 


Narcissistic family rules for children.

  1. Uphold perfect family image.
  2. Keep secrets.
  3. Children must act like adults.
  4. Children are expected to act as slaves.
  5. Children get mixed messages.
  6. It’s safer to stay distant.
  7. The child is not allowed to feel feelings.
  8. Let the parents invade boundaries.
  9. Be hyper vigilant.
  10. Be perfect.
  11. Making mistakes means the child is unlovable.

It is one of our goals here to help deprogram victims of narcissistic abuse - which in this “culture” is pretty much everyone.