This interesting story has some Truth in it.

I am openly stating that I’m doing the hero’s journey as an art project.


What this means is that I have deliberately aligned myself with the Will of God to the best of my ability to be of service to humanity.


There are certain benefits I wanted. 


I wanted to be: 





better able to hear God etc. 


At first I fought to raise money for charity and my community was mostly delighted. 


Then I started to hear that I should expose a coven of witchcraft


This was scary. I could feel when they were throwing black magic in my direction. Yet I put a shield up where what they do bounces back at them with a ferocious intensity.  


Their black magic destroys THEM. 


This hive fights and struggles for their own eternal death.  


God is not against them. They have free will and this is what they’re doing with it.