Under the present rulership, this world is inverted. That’s why we must unite. We have rights.

The biggest lie the devil ever told was that he does’t eist. The spirit realm is real and it’s right where we are. There are higher levels and lower levels. Clear out, align with God, ask for all dark contracts to be broken, repent and one can move out of the darkness right here right now. See what happens. I find it engrossing.


The biggest lie they ever told Americans is that we are free and we can achieve success like they can even if we’re not working for their master. We live under heritary rulership under the least worthy and the most psychotic. Just look around if you don’t believe me.


”Conspiracy Theorists” AKA The Truthful sound SO CRAZY when exposing the power elite because what they are doing is so entirely outside the bounds of regular human behavior. Some of them behave like vessels for demonic forces. Having done this work for a while, I can spot a demon and they are real.