My first set of “compromised” Napoleon memoirs have arrived.

Louis Bourrienne knew Napoleon from when they were children at military school. He was Napoleon’s best friend during the horrors of the Revolution. Bourrienne fell madly in love with Napoleon's Stepdaughter Hortense and it was he who was entrusted with manipulating her into a marriage with Napoleon’s brother Louis. 


Napoleon’s writing was so undeciferable that Hortense needed Napoleon’s personal secretary Bourrienne to help her understand all the kind things Napoleon had written to her.



Napoleon, in the end, fired Bourrienne for corruption in violation of the Continental System Blockade - Napoleon’s method of financial warfare against England. 


Bourrienne wrote these memoirs angry and no one ever accused Bourrienne of being honest or of particularly possessing integrity.


What do these memoirs say about Napoleon? 


According to applying my theory of congruence in the pursuit of the Truth about Napoleon. I will only believe what I read in this account if it is at least corroborated elsewhere.