Warning: this is in French but this video shows relics associated with The Emperor.

I have the goal of presenting the public (best I can) with the real Napoleon.


At the moment, we are broadcasting extremely detailed memoirs about Napoleon to prove exactly who he was and who he wasn’t. 


This video shows relics that are described by Napoleon’s ultra devoted valet and friend Louis Marchand. 


In this video, we see one gold leaf from Napoleon’s coronation laurel. A lock of Napoleon’s hair. A lock of Napoleon’s son’s hair. A mirror Napoleon used. We also see a vest Napoleon wore at his coronation. After that, they show a sublime make up box that belonged to Josephine. It is said that Napoleon complained that Josephine wore too much rouge which is likely True.


Although, this is not in English we can see the style of Napoleon’s objects. I was also very distracted by the strong lines of the otherwise gamine presenter’s jaw. You’ll also see these strong jaw lines are not present in the one describing these relics.