I hate perpetual war against innocent people. Where do I go and vote against perpetual war? Who benefits from perpetual war?

I don’t know anyone who supports perpetual war. Why can’t we vote out the makers of perpetual war? You’ve got to ask yourself if the people have any say in what we are told is a government representing the people.


If the people can’t vote out warmongers, then they are lying to us. We are really living in something like feudalism. Napoleon actually fought feudalism and the English government (and friends!) tortured and murdered him about it


I guess the English government (and friends!) don’t want anything like that to happen again. Could pretend media magick “democracy” be their solution to stamp out sincere revolutionaries like Napoleon?




It’s all just pretend. No matter how big the media and institutional collaboration. No matter how many infiltrators pretend they are on your side when they’re not. It’s all just a magick trick to dupe the regular people. We must unite.