Transgender programming for the masses via state sanctioned pornography?

This has been going on a long time. Who or what is behind this push that preys on lust, loneliness and the (deliberate?) breakdown of the family?


Ben Szemkus saw this person at a sex slave cult recruitment targeting college students. Many top political figures were there according to Ben. The gatekeepers don’t want this information to get out for the most part. Why? 


If you really care about the Truth, you may have questions about the pushed and pumped up fame of this symbol of degeneracy - the culmination of the breakdown of respect for humanity and purity.


Know their tricks. See the source of their tricks. Remember what a real soft beautiful women actually looks like. 


Lipstick, a wig, surgical implants, photoshop and a hard male gaze are not the building blocks of a woman. Real feminity emanates from her generous heart and her spirit. Deep down we all know that.


The owners and minions of the mainstream media try to forcefeed their mental poison deception on us. Replacing real women with fake women is the affront I never saw coming! 


This agenda is INSIDIOUS. It takes courage to call this out and I pray the public will see through this and they will find the courage to spread the Truth about these (intentionally?) humanity destroying media campaigns. 


The mainstream media has been PUSHING this character on the public. I am asking you WHY? 


Why are the elite putting so much time, money and effort into creating and broadcasting female illusionists? What’s the ultimate goal here?  


You would’ve never heard the name Stormy Daniels if they hadn’t wanted you to have heard it.  Has this agenda left you better off or worse off?