It is believed that some infiltrators are staging fake fights to derail and distract sincere people from finding the Truth.

Tha Urban Disciples is a YouTuber that I used to post on this site? Why did I stop? Too many infiltrator red flags. When TUD (Tha Urban Disciples) did a hit piece on Mag he actually got pretty racial with him. So it was kind of “black and black” crime. The attack had no merit. TUD accused “Mags” of being a Jamaican high on bud. The whole thing came off as fake and excessively theatrical to me. Plus TUD uses a demon graphic and a red and black yin and yang symbol that just scream that I shouldn’t trust him.


TUD also once in a video said that there is no way that Kim Kardashian could possibly be deceptively transsexual because he watched her in a pornography video. So TUD apparently lives in a world where there are no post op transsexuals. He is either clueless or playing dumb or trying to make Truth seekers look bad by parroting his nonsense. I cannot say for sure what Kim Kardashian is. I can say that TUD sounded bad for making a groundless argument to support what may be the big lie that Kim Kardashian is a natural female.


Now sincere people have noticed that the same person “David Rocha” is a “mod” for both TUD and the biggest target of all time of TUD — Richie from Boston. 


I’ve posted many of these videos to this site in the past.


If both Youtubers share the same mod than the implication is that they are both being supported by the same shadowy hands. 


The implication is that the powers that be stage fake fights on YouTube to keep the masses from realizing that they are being sucked dry by parasitic oligarchs? 


This tip is courtesy of our friend D Walker.