Were our favorite musicians just puppets who were pushed and pumped up to destroy the sincere anti-war movement?

Many are saying the Hippy Movement was manufactured much like the “Truth Movement” of today.




I recently indicated that I believe a YouTube psyop group has changed focus in their us vs. them theater. Now they’re supposedly exposing Thomas Schoenberger of Cicada 3301. Word is Cicada has something to do with the Q psyop but really it is difficult to discern the Truth here.


Now my iPhone just so happens to push this very drama to me on my phone. Lestat is the supposed Cicada whistleblower. I’ve heard both Youtubers Fkn Freddy and Global Agenda both suddenly pushing this Lestat. Now my iPhone is doing it too.



I never heard this name until a week ago except that this name is associated with a vampire. A coincidence perhaps, perhaps not.