Is it necessary to murder children to achieve major financial success in this present world? Ronald Bernard says that this is the case.

The emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta give a congruent glimpse into the depraved power elite.


You will also see a congruent look into the parasitic ways of the power elite in the Ben Szemkus testimony.

I have personally been around power elite types. They were both narcissistic lying psychopaths with a great seductive charm. They could or would only be nice to me for a very short time before they would begin abusing me again. Their abuse would push me away which would initiate their attempts at being nice and generous to lure me back into their sphere of influence.


I’m not sure but I see how both could’ve been secretly transgender (one was more obviously so). Both held out the promise of success and/or money so they could vampire off of me.


Both were wealthy as a result of doing VERY LITTLE and both were from Manhattan. Neither possessed much talent but they both had a little. They both presented as different religions from each other when both were clearly not really of that religion. One presented as German Jewish. The other presented as Catholic. They were both very similar to each other in the sense that they were completely out for themselves. Both were lauded as wonderful in the controlled media though that was highly inaccurate. They both vampired off my Spirit.


They both provided me with invaluable insight into their strengths and weaknesses. My education in psychopaths came primarily from my poor third world reared parents, then from these rich psychopaths.


Parasites are never really all that strong. Their strength is their numbers. They back each other up (against us) but they are also at each other’s throats because of their greed and lust for power. it is so important to align with God and to turn off access to their toxic hive mind as broadcast on the controlled media.