Is space fake?

There is much talk about “flat earth shills” on YouTube.


The idea is that infiltrators influence sincere Truthseekers to tell their friends that the earth is flat. Their friends think that the sincere Truthseeker is “retarded” and then any other Truth that that person espouses is then dismissed as nonsense. 


The theory behind the psyop is easy to understand. If this is happening, it’s a clever ploy by those who fear being exposed.


Either the flat earth psyop would be created to make smart people feel stupid because they will realize that there is no concrete way for a regular person to personally verify the existence of space. 


Or the flat earth debate was fostered to create division and arguments over a topic that cannot really be proven or disproven.


Or people were indoctrinated since birth to believe in space to make Christianity look stupid and “unscientific”. 


We’re looking at so many lies, that it gets really muddy. I take no role in this debate but I will state outright that we are being lied to by whomever it is running the media and education. To what degree? It’s hard to say.