Here’s some more media pushed malice to rile up the masses.

We are clearly in a time when everything is being done to irritate the masses. This content creator is very talented but I do wonder if agitating Christians is part of his job. The religions are being wound up against each other. If you ask me, listen to your intuition and connect with inner guidance and pray for direction and signs. Joining camps is playing into the hands of the oligarchs. Though I fully acknowledge that religion can be used as a path to connection with the Almighty if sincere intentions are present.


They clearly want war and are creating it. We need alignment with the Creator to know how best to cope with their monstrousness. The depths of depravity of the hidden rulers, their DECEPTION is the proof that there is organized evil. We know who they are by their deeds. The media shows us who they are even if we cannot identify the specific players personally. Considering the spirit realm the stuff of fantasy is not a reasonable position in my opinion. We’re on our own as humans left to make our own choices and we need to become very intelligent quickly.


The more you connect with your spirit, the better you get at it. It’s like a muscle that you work to make it stronger. Every skill, including alignment with God, requires diligent practice.