Why did I expect to be surrounded by psychopaths whenever I went to photograph a celebrity event?

When I received the opportunity to shoot for celebrity photography agency WireImage (which was later bought by Getty while I worked there), I was besides myself with excitement. I had always been a bit too ambitious and I saw this as finally an opportunity that I could turn to my advantage somehow. My real goal was to become some sort of successful artist. I hadn’t learned yet that success as an artist is available only to people of a certain echelon - it’s apparently not available to a nobody like me.


Talent is a nonissue. I actually believe a deal with the devil is necessary for “success”, particularly in the “arts”.


Very quickly at celebrity events, however, I started to recognize that I was working with insane people with serious drug problems who were supremely manipulative and difficult (for me) to tolerate.


Since I had worked as a producer for a media elite type, I had to learn everything I could about narcissism and psychopathsy to understand that heartless monster’s behavior. He had a Jewish name and he used being Jewish to exploit opportunities but there were no traces of actual Jewishness in his life whatsoever. I figured he just so happened to be an individual who just so happened to be a total complete fraud. Now I realize there was a lot more going on with that “guy” than he was letting on. (I’m talking about essayist Roger Rosenblatt. Why protect the guilty?)


When I again found myself amongst NYC/LA elite types, I knew enough about narcissism and psychopathy to realize that if I was going to stay in that job - I was going to have to adjust my expectations BIG TIME.  


I unfortunately accepted that the celebrity world was crawling with psychopaths with those suffering with substance abuse issues. I could only stand being around this sort for so long until I had to leave that world. 


This link below says psychopaths and narcissists are over represented in media. I obviously need no article to tell me that but here it is anyway.




This describes issues concerning psychopaths but I also believe an antihuman cult has a sort of monopoly on “media influence”.