This video shows the pagan underpinnings of secret Hollywood transgenderism and the UN.

It makes a lot of us uneasy that “women’s rights leaders” tend to look like post transsexual surgery men in women’s clothing. The elite seem to have no place for natural women in their vision for the future (or the present). The main disquieting aspect of elite media driven propaganda agendas is that they are DRENCHED with deception.


33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike said it’s part of the plan to finally launch the Luciferian agenda on a world war exhausted population. Is this sneaky psychopathy part of that?

This is the Luciferian Freemason plan which, as you can see, is in full swing. Know your enemy. They are running the media. It is their biggest and best weapon against the minds of the people.


Be aware of the media brainwashing.

The YouTube “Truth Community” is populated by innumerable infiltrators in my opinion. The skull can only be changed so much through surgery. By learning about skull proportions, it can be easier to spot the deceivers. 


That fake plasticky look is an indicator of an infiltrator. The energy will feel wrong for the gender they are presenting as.


Some of these individuals are in place to make real Truthseekers look bad by association. Many infiltrators have tremendous backing so they can easily eclipse sincere content creators on YouTube. 


Sometimes one eye also seems mysteriously dimmed.  I also find that fake breasts are a preferred means of distraction. A lot of people have trouble seeing beyond fake breasts and obviously deceivers are aware of this. There are innumerable clues if you learn what to look for. It’s not proof but it is always good to learn more since there is absolutely a war going on to assault your mind with destructive propaganda.


Many consider this hand signal the “666” sign and that it is a secret signal indicating allegiance to perhaps the masons or the Luciferian elite.