Antisemitism is the problem, says the media.

I am 100 percent against the persecution of anyone for the group to which they were born. Each individual should be assessed on their own merits or degeneracy. I am posting this to show you a media trend and what it looks like and I invite you to draw your own conclusions. There is a real enemy and it is that of darkness and destruction. I am against DECEPTION.


We all have a right to enjoy this world and to succeed in it and we have the right to not be exploited by the never rich enough elite (who claim we victimize THEM). We have the right to buck media mind control that twists our thinking to fit the aims of oligarchs who behave as if they view us as their livestock.


We have a right to SPEAK TRUTH. Learn their tricks well. You will learn to see through them like scrubbed clean glass. Not getting emotional and ashamed when they want you to because you see the sleight of hand - that’s a large component of freedom. They cannot enslave you without your consent.


The witchcraft is all about getting a target to give in to their oppression - to accept it as inevitable. It’s not!