Tax dollars at work?

The new age movement is loaded with dark occultists (pretending they’re good) seducing the vulnerable into suicidality.


This movement is unregulated and most authorities cared not one bit from what I could tell that I was warning death was coming. When someone, after my endless warnings, died of suicide the authorities didn’t intervene. The guru I knew about is still prowling.


Exploiting the vulnerable and driving them to suicide is apparently perfectly legal. This guru always has seemingly endless stores of money and support so he can continue flying all over the strongholds of the entire British Empire (which we all know never went anywhere). 


There is next to no interest in this dark guru’s “program”. Yet he still takes constant lavish trips to the most costly locales crisscrossing the entire world.


He is supposed to support six offspring and he still appears to employ multiple publicists who pretend they are just regular customers (this is FRAUD and it is ILLEGAL). 


Who or WHAT funds this disgraced and deathly guru? 


Maybe the new age “movement” really is a psyop.