I never bought that Alex Jones was sincere.

When I started poking around for “truth” on YouTube, I came across the channel of Dustin Nemos. He seemed to be expecting financial support from his audience and I couldn’t see the value of his work. He opened his videos with a quote by Alex Jones back then. I moved on as the Q thing heated up. It later came out Mr. Nemos has a fairly serious criminal record that was not congruent with the image he was presenting but whatever - we have all made mistakes.


To my knowledge, this individual used to sell heroin, now he sells Trump. I have referred to the Trump Frenzy as “hopium”. 


Trump’s story is not congruent. Scratch the surface honestly and it will be difficult to disagree. 


Mr. Nemos recently asked if we could communicate. I handed my email over which I do to you as well - thetanster@yahoo.com.


I am not sure what we have to discuss but I make attempts to be accessible to reasonable interactions. At least Mr. Nemos used his real name (Krieger). I’ve been a veritable magnet for manipulative sock puppet accounts for some time now.


For anyone else brewing up another sock puppet interaction with me: I usually see through these attempts at “influencing” me or my content.


Narcissistic manipulation tactics are something with which I have vast amounts of experience. Once a person tries invoking my pity and then they subtly point out exactly where I’ve been bad AND wrong, I KNOW. The other tip offs come from where they try to get me to doubt my perceptions and then they come up with their carrots and sticks - offers and threats.


Know their tricks. It is by their tricks that you will know them.


I am a friend to the honest. If anyone is being deceptive, their best move if they want to maintain their cover is really to stay away from me. 


After a while, most of the youtube frauds become fairly easy to spot. Until I can prove it, I view them as “innocent until proven guilty”. 


The main way I identify YouTube frauds is through the incongruence of their own life story. We have corporate guys (letting you know about Masonic family) who attack the government much of the day during working hours. We have homeless individuals with stables of lawyers and vast video making ability and equipment who seem perfectly at ease with the behavior of all democrats.


Why are so many “truthers” invisible and anonymous? If their cover gets blown, they can go find another mask?


We have individuals who come off as drug dealers (not saying all drug dealers are bad) while they pity ploy and frighten the crowd; while they harass government employees for content; while they normalize sounding like a bigot. They have a documented history of financial shenanigans, as they claim the government is knocking on their door powerless to stop their Dangerous Truth about Numbers. 


Notice the ones who always have some sort of big new tragic story running. From what I’ve learned, witchcraft has A LOT to do with story telling. They tell a story and it has a “moral”. The moral of their story is usually going to expose the storyteller for ill or good.


Since each story is embedded with particular manipulation goals, to attempt to get their way a fraud will have to employ a number of stories. These stories will, more than likely given enough time, contradict each other. That’s how YOU can identify the frauds.


I’m telling you a story as well. The only way I could create all this content for over 4 years straight with any sense of congruence is because I am telling the Truth to the best of my ability.


I can’t tell you my whole story right now because I know the vast majority won’t believe it. Just because it’s hard to believe doesn’t mean it’s not True. Remember that. Though I’m not formally announcing my genuinely incredible story, I have hid nothing.


My credibility rests on this fact. 



A lot of YouTube “truth” looks like this to me.