YouTuber Adam Green says he feels honored to have finally been the target of a Southern Poverty Law Center hit piece.

I’m not against anyone except deceivers. Individuals should not be blamed for the actions of deceptive oligarchs ruling over them. I DO NOT consent to this world’s leadership. All races are participating in these massive deceptions. ALL.


It’s hard to know what’s real in the present highly deceptive media atmosphere BUT we have been hearing that multiple people have been jailed for questioning history. If the media controlling oligarchs are trying to wind up regular people against a group that frequently invokes their horror of persecution - this would be a great media trick to ensure this happens.


I have wondered if “antisemitism” is being deliberately stoked to drive regular terrified Jewish people to Israel - a place otherwise quite foreign to them. Just a conspiracy theory. 


I know the media doesnt cover anything they don’t have an agenda to cover. The elderly women in jail for questioning the holocaust narrative has gotten a lot of airtime. Make your own conclusions if you like.

The SPLC has been planning “white replacement” for some time?