This video contains a decent summary of the new age religion.

I got sucked into the new age worid (through a cult experience) and I found that it was FULL of scammers pretending to be good as they dragged Truth seekers to the lower realms. This was part of my hero’s journey and this experience, though painful, was worthwhile. 


A lot of new age thought revolves around lying to oneself that everything is great so a person will attract great things. Great things didn’t happen? Then one must not have been lying to oneself intensely or convincingly enough. Want money? Tell yourself you have money. You get the idea.


When the self delusion doesn’t work, the guilty party is that person’s thoughts. People really believe this and I thought it was a bit of a mental nightmare when new age types tried their one size fits all “solutions” on me.


The solution? Listen to Intuition. Align with God, the real one. It’s a process and an art. If you ask for guidance, it should come through.


Though I have struggled immensely to align more and more with the True Creator, it really did get much better. Now I feel positive because my life really is positive - which makes it even better.


There is Truth to this new age stuff but part of the problem is all the self worship garbage. A lot of it seems like a come on from demons.

This is the perspective of another person who also found A LOT of dishonesty in the new age mileu. The opinions expressed here are hers.