Is it really possible that there is a group deliberately brought up to believe that it is their DESTINY to enslave the rest of us?

I think it’s wrong to be racist (even against racists). I know the doors of culture were shut to me except when I took on the somewhat grotesque (in my opinion) task of photographing celebrities. I was always told my problem was not a lack of talent, it was my lack of connections. This increasingly made me view my inability to “succeed” (except when I was pushing the celebrity agenda) as a consequence of not being born rich. I’m told I have Jewish roots but I didn’t grow up learning Talmud or anything like that.


If children are being brought up to view the rest of the world as potential slaves, we should discuss this openly. I actually enjoy doing things for myself because that’s how I learn and improve my skills. This is the time for us to really figure out what’s going on. The present system is putrid. All groups contain honest people and I stand with them.