It’s no secret George Soros wants to flood “white” countries (excepting Israel) with “brown” people.


I’m a first generation American from a Portuguese/Brazilian background. Our immigration story may have been part of a larger goal to weaken “white” nations so the oligarchs can enslave a worldwide disempowered brainwashed group of “brown” people. 


My family in Portugal were so poor the children worked harvesting clay and rubber trees. My grandfather’s brother somehow rose through the ranks of the police during the opportunities of upheaval associated with WW2.


My grandfather was behaving like a degenerate and his brother hoped setting up a sponsorship for this family in Newark, NJ would help them escape crushing poverty. The sponsorship was set up under a construction company. My family became - get this - concrete masons.


I was told my grandfather’s sister was a witch. My grandmother used to always say we were cursed. This witch in the family was an enormous complication for the police officer brother who was an agent for an entirely Catholic Dictatorship under Antonio Salazar.


Never heard of WW2 Dictator Salazar? There’s a reason for that.  


Do you seriously think it was a coincidence so many European countries had “Dictators” during WW2? 


My grandfather’s brother eventually became Chief of Police of an old and cultural city named Coimbra (Portugal). I wrote a book about this man who was named Virgilio de Simões. 


Was this opportunity which occurred in the 60s part the elite plan to change the complexion of their biggest threat? (Someone like Napoleon?)


Was the deliberate weakening of the “third world” part of this agenda?


I used to wonder when I was outside the United States why I had to listen to people tell me about the horrible actions of the United States government so frequently. I really would just have to put up with it as if I could change it or as if I really understood what that government was doing. By around age 12, I’d just let the other person talk and I’d get away when I could. I, of course, now understand the impotent rage one feels at seeing such a lack of justice in this world and I share that rage entirely. 


The deliberate attempts by a few to enslave the entire world are VERY OBVIOUS. 


Israel needs to practice the same exact “immigration policy” as all the other “white” countries IN MY OPINION. Or else that would be unfair and wrong, right?


I say let’s see open borders for Buckingham Palace and the Vatican too. Soros should definitely be sharing his vast properties with fresh arrivals since he’s so passionate about these matters. 


A story is forming in my mind about how all this has been brought about. I will show proof as I find it. I don’t expect anyone to take my word or to believe my “theories” without evidence. 


My Napoleon Series exists to show a congruent story about history. This series is raw source material. There is nothing to contest. Make your own conclusions about what they did to Napoleon and why they did it. Spiritually, I do not see the difference between Napoleon’s antagonists and OURS. 


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