Rulers and principalities, past and present.

After Napoleon’s final military defeat where Napoleon gave up only to prevent another civil war in France, the English government promised Napoleon what he wanted (to live in England or America in retirement).

Then they trapped him and viewed him as their prisoner when they had no legal right to treat or view him that way. They violated and didn’t honor their own laws and treaties; Yet they imposed harsh manufactured laws on Napoleon AND ENFORCED THOSE MADE UP UNJUST LAWS.

Then they watched him and limited his movement.

Then they censored what he read.

They prevented him from communicating with others.

They lied about him to the public.

They hassled him about money.

They trapped and enslaved brown people.

They tried to hide their abuse of Napoleon from the public to maintain the appearance of their MASK.


They insisted on hearing and watching his every word and every word of everyone who surrounded him. 

They slowly poisoned him to death.

They said they did it all for “peace”.

Then they repressed the Truth about Napoleon and trashed his name through a bombardment of propaganda for 200 years.

Does the English government of 200 hundred years ago sound like any rulership of our time?

The English government was never really defeated. Through boundless malice and deceptive infiltration, they did ultimately destroy Napoleon (only physically).


They did succeed in brainwashing many to despise Napoleon without regular people having any clue why they “felt” that way about a Truly great hero.


This brainwashing occurred ESPECIALLY IN EUROPE and white men have been vilified and emasculated. The brainwashing sounded like: “something about Napoleon = War = Dictator = Hitler = Bad”.


I could never even talk to such brainwashed people. It hurt me to perceive the result of this brainwashing.

Know the tricks of the enemy. You will know them by their fruits.


To understand Napoleon, one must understand the boundless malice and deceptiveness and enslaving ways of those he was contesting. 

The Napoleon Memoir Series will teach you many things about the rulers of TODAY.


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Napoleon said: 


The only True Conquests, those which leave no trace of regret, are wrested from ignorance.