In my little town . . .

In my little town, I had the experience of seeing these mysterious beings called “celebrities” walking around amongst us regular people. 


Paul Simon was one of these people I’d spot here and there and we learned to not bother these important people or else we were very lame - which was fine. 


I listened to Paul Simon A LOT. I didn’t come from money and I only had very few “tapes” and my most impressive and refined were those of Paul Simon. I learned how to play all his songs on the piano. 


When I was in high school, there was a “master class” with Paul Simon in the big auditorium and I got my friends on stage crew to sneak me in. 


When it was over, I chased Paul Simon down and asked him some kind of dumb questions about his songs and I must say he gave me some kind of dumb answers in response but I was pretty thrilled.


I asked him what the “silver girl” was in the song Bridge Over Troubled Waters. He said it was a combination of things.