How to identify infiltrators.

Kirks 71 says YouTuber Johnny Supertramp has credibility because he’s had lots of channels shut down. I said getting a lot of channels taken down would actually be a great cover for an infiltrator.


Here’s my infiltrator red flag list: 


Do I know their real name? 


Can I see their face? 


Do they think the blockbuster Ben Szemkus story is worth discussing? 


Do they try to subtly discredit the Ben Szemkus testimony when Ben has been entirely congruent so far?


Do they spend most of their airtime attacking “shills” instead of focusing on exposing the crime syndicate at the highest echelon of our corrupt world? 


Do they never have criticism for certain groups (I.e. Catholics, Democrats, Republicans, Israel etc.)? 


Do they encourage idol worship from their audience? 


Are they using guilt tactics for money and/or devotion? 


Do they look really really androgynous but they’re pretending that they’re naturally one gender or the other? 


Are they associated with convicted pedophiles and child groomers while they pretend to be in opposition to child exploitation?


Most importantly - are they congruent - is their story straight? 


Everytime a red flag pops up, I look at it. When there’s too many, I just let them expose themselves. If I get a smoking gun, you’ll see it here.