Did they create a psyop to make the Truthful look bad?

The YouTube shooter story seemed tailored made to discredit the Truthful. The story was that a transgender looking Tim and Eric character shot up YouTube and then turned the gun on herself.


We were supposed to be ashamed one of us shot up YouTube. I didn’t see anyone buy this psyop. 


Since I really did like Tim and Eric before I realized mainstream entertainment is mostly diabolical evangelism, I dug deep to search for proof that Eric Warheim produced the video for the supposed Nasim psyop.


I found no proof unfortunately. I found some circumstantial evidence but that’s it. I looked for proof of Nasim’s death. I couldn’t find it.  


This is the only “proof” I could find that Nasim existed. In this video Nasim cannot even properly operate her android device but we’re supposed to believe she made “Illuminati” symbolism drenched videos at the production level of Tim and Eric. Okay, I won’t believe that. 


Even though I view this as a psyop intended to discredit the Truthful, for a psyop this one had a lot of entertainment value because the videos were pretty funny. Hoax Wars has turned Nasim videos into his artistic expression.