Do the powers that be create fake characters that mimic Truthful people to attempt to discredit Truthful people by association?

I see this trick done in the “truth” psyop community. I felt guided to start covering “truthers” on YouTube around 9/17. What I found was an education on how Truth is discredited in real time.


Some believe Alex Jones is a character intended to make the Truthful look bad. An actor was sent to Comet Pizza(?), perhaps to make Truthful people look bad. 


I am even wondering if Adolf Hitler was a created character set up to discredit the genuine heroism of Napoleon. Who was ever more flouncy and theatrical than Adolf Hitler? Reminds me of another flouncy charismatic authoritarian type with generously proportioned hips that we see every single day in the mainstream media - dividing the people.


My Napoleon Memoir Series shows that Napoleon’s enemies lacked honor and integrity in spades. There is no depth to which they wouldn’t sink. All of these congruent accounts are being presented to PROVE this. 


I have been fighting to vindicate the name of Napoleon since the 90s. How many times did I hear “but Hitler”? The people running the media are lying and have been lying to get what they want. The question is the magnitude of the lies. Please don’t assume they were honest about something because the lie was so big. Hitler is KNOWN for espousing the Big Lie.


I’m seeing an acting troupe at work. See their tricks. You will know them by their fruits.


This article below is about the “druggy”, “crazy”, brand new “truther”, pushed and pumped up to the top in a minute called Isaac Kappy.  


Many of us who now see through these tricks resent these attempts to discredit our sincere and heartfelt work.