Do the masons believe Lucifer is Jesus?

I’m getting the sense this is their belief. The blog below seems to be stating that most people are wrong, the good guy is really Lucifer. You know them by their fruits.


I do a lot to expose the practices of the masons. If they are really transgendering babies like I strongly suspect they are; If they are really generating a race of male to female prostitute types (AKA mind control sex slaves); then you can extrapolate what this group is really about.


In my opinions based on the research which I present here daily, the masons are the secret guardians of TWISTED Truth.


If their god Lucifer is so bright and wonderful, if these masons are so pure, why do we always catches them in secret societies LYING? Why are they usually hiding behind one mask or another?


If Lucifer were really Truthful and good, honest people would flock to him regardless of the name. Who flocks to Lucifer worship? You know them by their fruits.


My aunt messed around with dark stuff in Brazil and she went more and more insane until she was swearing up and down that Lucifer is wonderful. I’m not saying she didn’t mean well but a person suffering from dark spirits will look like it and feel like it. 


The masons are clearly behind what comes out of Hollywood. Do you consider that content bright and pure? Is the output you see on tv, music and movies anything “illuminated” whatsoever? You know them by their fruits.


I’m leaving out a lot of scams and crimes against humanity that I can’t really prove personally but many of us are perfectly certain about its origin when we come across this sort of CRAFT. They call us crazy and what we are seeing is very crazy and deep down they really must on some level know it.


The lying psychopaths really are pulling the strings behind the fake show. It’s the only explanation for the endless wars and oppression which I will happily oppose in the flesh OR NOT. 


Like the writer of the link below, I also advocate looking within for the Truth.


During my spiritual journey, independent of mason generated media, I am living the reality that Jesus is real and that He STILL fights to reveal the Truth. He exists in a high spiritual realm beyond space and time. He is very close to God. God, as I experience it, is a very pure and limitlessly massive Force.


There really is a spiritual war. Pick your side wisely. No choice is a choice for darkness.


Beware those who try to confuse you. The Truth is simple and it feels like a pleasure to behold.