Is the media frenzy couple expecting a new moonbump?

Moonbumps come from England.


This instrument of deception uses a princess of England as an example of a wearer of their “fake pregnancy bellies”. What else is fake about the English Royal Family? I don’t enjoy seeing these suspiciously fake looking individuals on every magazine at the supermarket. Why is the media pushing these “foreigners” so hard on us? Are they really foreigners or did England take the U.S. back at some point over the last 200 years? Was the “revolution” really just more of their BS theater? We all know how the English government cannot stomach losing control.


I generally do like some aspects of English culture and English people but the rulers of that country have been A CONCERN for quite some time. Same goes for the U.S. I just keep wondering if the U.S. is an independent nation? Is the English government calling the shots? I want the Truth.