Prince the Enigma.

Was Prince another dark occult media puppet pushing transgenderism or was he a soul who yearned to return to his True Creator? 


I’ve been deliberately doing the hero’s journey since 9/14 in an attempt to have a happier life. I asked God to guide my actions, no exceptions. I am very surprised by what I’ve done. I went from being a somewhat depressed doormat/people pleaser to someone with seriously dangerous enemies.


Part of my goal in doing the hero’s journey was to enhance the spiritual gifts that I already knew I had. 


I sense that some of the things in the Bible are True and that unfortunately some are not. To find out what’s True about anything, I have to consult my own connection to the Higher Realms. Nothing I find out can be verified or proven. I mostly keep this information to myself. When I find a “smoking gun” proving what I heard, I put it on this site. 


I’m not always right but my accuracy seems to be improving. 


I do believe that there’s Truth that Lucifer was an angel of music who led an insurrection and carried off a number of angels as he fell from Heaven. 


I wonder if the city of angels in California is a center for these entertaining fallen angels/demons. I also wonder if they have to feed on children and they must vampire off of us now because they are cut off from Divine Energy. We humans may still possess some access to the Divine, so we are perhaps like batteries or a food source to them?


My parents were in my opinion psychopaths (demonic) and I’ve worked hard to clear out what I inherited from them. Since my parents were like this, I’ve felt very drawn to demonic people. I know what it’s like to be drained by them.


Growing up in the Hamptons, some of my “vampires” were suspiciously androgynous elite types. I know for a fact that there’s a connection between emotional vampirism, abuse and the unjustly privileged.


One of my missions I feel is to extend a hand to the fallen angels. To ask them if it worked out with Lucifer as he/she promised. I know Lucifer is a liar and I already know the answer. 


Is Prince a fallen angel who wanted to return to his/her True Maker?