“He who controls the weather will control the world.”

I don’t like the push to unjustly insult “Jews” because I view it as yet another divide and conquer psyop. I want all the regular people of the world to unite against the forces of oppression. I am also pretty certain I am a decent amount Sephardic on both sides though I didn’t grow up Jewish and I make no claim to understand that religion.


I grew up mostly in a non religious working class fresh off the boat Portuguese family. Like anyone else, I am deeply influenced by my early circumstances.


I have had good and bad experiences with Jewish people and I bear them no ill will.


ANY honest person of any nature from anywhere can count on my support.


That being said, this video contains a “joke” about how the “Jews control the weather”.


This group did just so happen get wonderful weather just as the Gifford’s agent promised: