A guy on Reddit tries HARD to sell why Trump isn’t Controlled Opposition.



This conspiracy theory is that all this very obvious controlled opposition is actually NOT CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They’re just opening that Jerusalem embassy amidst the copious flowing of blood, so more blood can flow so they can get their Temple so they can do their sacrifices and more blood can flow. Trump is continuing to cover up for the 911 mass murder so they can get the sacrifice ritual faction thinking Trump is on their side? Maybe that’s why Trump has those rape charges and the connection with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein - for all that 4D Chess?

There’s decades of strange predictions about the presidency of Trump because you gotta put the bad guys on your kickball team? I think the Trump faction would love to sell this story and many are on the payroll to do so. To follow this theory, we have to believe that Joe Rogan was once independent and free? I, of all people, know if they don’t want you to have a prominent platform - you won’t have one.

An elite agent stands at every and I mean every media door. My project is a record of how someone genuinely honest like me who merely has an internet connection is constantly suppressed by shadowy hands.

You will know them by their sock puppet accounts.

I think that Trump Kanye show is a show. These shows are well produced and CONVINCING! because the producers are highly experienced at producing these kind of shows. If their one main job is neutralizing their “livestock” with mental tricks in order milk and/or slaughter them, they’d get really good at it. Enjoy the show!

Check out Trump’s 4D Chess!


Day one before he was “corrected” Trump said the World Trade Center had a bomb situation.


According to this theory that was just some more “art of the deal”. Trump’s been playing along with them - even studying at Jesuit Fordham - to do the longest con of them all? This has all been a vindication of humanity?

They manufacture heroes because it works. I’m telling the story of what they did to a real hero.


I do find the Trump story well written and compelling but maybe they have the Breaking Bad level writers manufacturing it. Wouldn’t they put their most sophisticated talent on such a high level theatrical production? They want that New World Order. The people aren’t just going to go along with their own increased enslavement (while embracing their lower g god) without a bit of effort.