They’ve done everything they could to separate us from the connection to the living God that’s in us. If we stop consenting to their deception, the spell is broken. They can’t vampire off us any longer. We’re the ones with Spirit. They’re the ones who are always starving for more.

They’ve told themselves they’re better than us so many times that we both have believed it. A lying psychopath has no Truth. They’ve been at an advantage only because they’ve monopolized occult knowledge. They kept us illiterate just like they say they once did to slaves (which is what we are).

All we need is Spirit and knowledge. What will their delusions of superiority get them when we say no to their witchcraft? I’ve watched no talent zeroes slide by on their connections which were really the benefits of generational satanism long enough.

Career open to talent without distinctions of birth. A deal with the devil should not be a prerequisite to participation in public life.