I paid off my college debt, which was massive, mostly by trading stocks. It was during this time that I realized the stock market is totally manipulated and rigged. I found a trick that worked. By reading a stock chart, I could see when all the financial institutions were going to pile in and pump up a stock. My biggest winner was the stock Tesla.

I was very impressed by the story of Tesla Motors and Elon Musk until I started to notice that he was lying through twitter and to the media to help the market play games. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, I just started to realize he was full of it and to ignore whatever he said.

Back in the day, Tesla was acting like they had a waiting list and that it was hard to get a car. At the same time, I was being aggressively marketed to and frequently contacted as they were so hot to push a car on me. That was one instance were I saw Tesla had deceptive business practices.

All these years later, my view of Elon Musk has transformed to something even more sinister. I spent a lot of time looking up Space X, his so called space company, and I found no reason whatsoever to believe it’s really doing what he says it’s doing.

Elon Musk also seems to be Mr. Transhumanism. He talks about installing computer stuff into our bodies. I’m letting you know there is something up with this guy big time.