A certain online cult leader bragged his twins were born 12/21 at 12:21.


He also named one of his children “Zeus” which many consider a name of the devil.


This online cult leader also wished “Winter Solstice Greetings” to his remaining followers last 12/21. Winter Solstice is one of the most important holidays on the satanic holiday calendar. These holidays are celebrated with orgies and murder.


I’ve been looking at what the 1221 1221 could’ve meant and now I’m seeing that this has to do with the worship of Saturn or Satan. A top satanic holiday is 12/21 and numbers associated with Saturn add up to 1,221. 12/21 is the date that begins when the following two astrological sun signs are ruled by Saturn.


Satanists parade their devil worship right in front of us, practically mocking us for how we can’t see what they’re doing. Maybe that’s why some of them come off as so extremely arrogant when they have very little reason to be so.


As I learn more, I’ll let you know.


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