My theory on the #metoo campaign.


When they started by accusing Weinstein of rapey behavior, I noticed all the accusers looked trans to me. They even came for my neighbor Matt Lauer and all his accusers looked trans to me.


I view the “elites” as a bunch of baby killing satanists so I never considered that they actually cared about “the rights of “women””.


Now I’m seeing that they are trying to portray these trans “women” as such victims that they should be given top government jobs.


It reminds me of the theory that the top satanic elites let the actual Jewish people get massacred during WW2 so they could invoke their suffering to get handed what they’ve really wanted for so long: Israel.


It appears the false “Jews” who are really satanists got Israel because all those innocent people were slaughtered. Then secretly deceptively trans “women” should get all the government jobs for invoking the terrible suffering of real actual oppressed women.


The flag of Israel features a symbol very prominent in witchcraft. Israel is obviously the fiefdom of the Rothschild family who party with dead baby dolls on the dining tables.


Because the Rothschilds print our money, we all have to attack Israel’s neighbors because that’s what the Rothschilds want done.