We’re still trying to crack the numbers code on who is going to win the fake scripted Super Bowl.


My list of numbers contain a sort of word salad that connotes what the energy of a number is for the oligarchy.


I’m using gematrinator.com to verify if the information I heard was correct.


I believe the media puppets deliberately divide the races. It is unimaginable the amount of suffering created by dividing the races. The Gematria teachers on the channels I post here say that 59 is coding associated with black people.


Here are some words that match up with 59 if you try using the cipher I posted. Check for yourself, if you would like: gematrinator.com




An ode to slavery

Rodney king

Michael Jordan

Civil war ended May 9th 5/9

59 and 76 go with black people

59th day of the year is a black holiday

It is the 17th prime number