I was ripped off, deceived and tricked by a pair who come from oppressive countries.


They set up their deceptive scam in the US and they have been using the US court system to try and silence their opposition.


Many are complaining about them. We all have similar stories so -




You know a story is True if it’s congruent. Not only is my story congruent with itself but my story is congruent with all the other disgruntled clients and our story is even congruent with the misery and suffering of the followers who still buy into the bs of this deceptive pair!


The guru says he’s a student of Hitler and he shows it by how he comports himself.


Is justice totally dead in the US?


Have the bad guys totally won?


It makes no difference if I say their name or not because to me they are a just a type, another example of the hand of darkness right there in plain sight for all to see.


The devil really has no new games. Some are more skilled at hiding it than others but if you’ve seen one diabolical puppet, you’ve pretty much seen them all.


I’ve seen thoroughly behind their masks.


They used to pretend I don’t exist and then one day MAGICALLY they wouldn’t leave me alone. I have the right to say honestly what I want on my platforms as they have the right to say what they want on theirs as long as it’s their opinion and/or it’s True.


That’s their recourse. Abusing the court system is not okay. Lying on a complaint and commiting perjury and signing that perjury IS NOT LEGAL. These are crimes in this country.  These two act like they’re above the law. We’ll see.


All they had to do was leave me alone and I would’ve probably stopped writing about them. Now they’ve angered a lot of people who would’ve been less radicalized otherwise.