The overlords are like vampires who feed on the labor of the masses. They get away with it in large part through controlling money. What they do is very complicated and it is meant to be so we won’t catch on.


They get most of the wealth in this world for doing nothing but manipulating and tricking us. Let’s explore this together and learn about the Federal Reserve.


To my understanding, the US is actually not a sovereign nation because it doesn’t control its own money, therefore the government could be considered a sham. The government is merely a corporation because the money printed comes from elsewhere.


It is hard for me to follow as well. We’ll do our best to sort through the confusion so we can understand how the people who print the money are the ones who are really in charge. The politicians they put up are obviously puppets put in place to protect the continuity of the system.


Democracy appears to be an illusion so the people will believe they are free when they are not.