One day Facebook banned me for a day for not following the rules. I couldn’t find a rule I broke but I figured they’d probably end up banning me permanently if I continued. I thought why should I create content for a site that unjustly bans me?


I never really liked Facebook and I was on there merely because I had been guided to do what I did on there.


Once I was gone from Facebook, I started getting all these come ons from them. They were sending me messages that people were looking for me. They informed me I was still getting likes...I assume I was interacting with a computer algorithm but that algorithm was mimicking a sick relationship with a narcissist. First it pushed me away for no reason to jockey for more control. When it didn’t work, it tried to bribe me to get me back under control. When I saw myself out, they tried to lure me back in with promises of fresh narcissistic supply aka attention and likes.


Here’s an article about how Facebook uses its platform to emotionally manipulate people.