These are the comments deleted, I believe, by the person who accused me of being a “liar with an inferiority complex” because I deleted a rant full of false accusations against me posted under an obvious mask account that this individual spammed all over my google+


It looks like this mother in law is trying to express how hurt she is on behalf of her daughter by how “Mass” treats women. He obviously can’t even extend, to the mother of his six children, the slightest modicum of respect whatsoever.


This mother in law posted this on the page of the person she obviously believed was the mistress of her then son in law. The person suspected of being his mistress is the one who publicized “Mass” as a loving and devoted family man all these years.


Yet “Mass” said under oath his marriage had been bad for the last fifteen years of it.


Which is it? These are mutually exclusive concepts. WHO’S LYING?