The secretly transgendered celebrity is a touchy subject. Most people do not want to believe this is going on. I still feel a bit knocked out when I perceive that the “women” in the public eye are really trans. It does make me wonder if the “elites” are in the process of phasing out natural born women.


I do not know this person’s true gender. If we are being deceived about this individual, it means men are being brainwashed to become lustful after men in drag. Women are being taught to hate their bodies. After all, we women (compared to a trans “woman”) have huge hips and a propensity to possess much fatter, softer bodies. Most natural women would also appear short and stout next to a drag queen. This would be a psyop which I consider destructive and very much in line with satan’s plan to pervert and destroy humanity.


If this individual were transgendered, it would’ve probably happened before puberty. If people are transgendering their children for whatever reason before they can consent to it, this is very serious child abuse in my opinion.


I’ll post some pictures and try to draw your attention to markers of male anatomy. What looks feminine here is probably the result of surgery, hormone treatments and a large team providing hair and makeup. 



The arms are long. Hands are big, conveniently bent to obscure how big. Straight across shoulders. Women’s shoulders are usually more sloped.  Wide set eyes. Large skull.