John Cusack played a new age self help guru who preys on desperate aging individuals in LA.


Does that sound like a guru I have referenced who once preyed on me?


Maybe Hollywood should sue John Cusack for saying Hollywood is like a whorehouse?


That’s his opinion and it’s protected free speech.


That guru is actually suing me for saying very similar things about him and his partner who posted pictures online of WHAT I CONSIDER to be an orgy.


It is very disingenuous of two middle aged people to act like they don’t know what an orgy looks like. Do they really want a judge to look at these pictures to determine who they really are?


We’re going to find out if people can perjure themselves and file false complaints and still get what they want - my silence.


They have committed crimes. Perjury and filing a false complaint ARE CRIMES.


Lawyers who represent clients whom they know are lying are committing an ethical breach which can result in the loss of one’s law license and disbarment. That’s just how it is.


Expressing my opinion is not illegal. If this system does unjustly silence me there will probably be a lot of people complaining about it online. In other words, it will still BACKFIRE on them and further expose them for the kind of people that they are at this time.


Good luck running a new age self help not for profit “church” with that kind of bad karma.