I’m seeking the Truth, whatever that is. This process is me sifting through whatever data I can access to learn about myself, this earth and the spirituals realms.


I do not have the answers but I ask you to join me as we find out best we can about what’s really going on.


I am not sure if the Bible has been compromised and I suspect that it has. Nonetheless, I seek Truth in it. According to the Bible, lucifer was an angel who wanted to rule above God. He convinced a third of the angels to rebel against God with him. Lucifer and this third were cast out to the earth and they became the devil and the demons.


I’m buying this story.


If I am against the dark forces and I live on this earth then I am living in hostile territory. The Bible says the world is under the dominion of the devil.


I’m buying that story.


You are witnessing spiritual warfare in progress.


I also have become very much convinced that alliance with the Spirit of Jesus is the way. If someone asks for a revelation of the Spirit of Jesus, they may be surprised at what happens.